Sunday, December 19, 2010

Look development

Concept Keys for look development.

Broken Pete Design

Preliminary drawings for Pete in this broken post-it stage.

Design package: Solid Pete.

Turnaround of Pete in his first post-it covered shape:

Pose sheet:

Expression sheet:

Color Rendition:

Design package: Naked Pete.

Turnaround of Pete without his post-its:

Pose sheet:

Expression sheet:

Color rendering:

Pete: character designs.

These are early character development sketches for the main character Pete, both in his naked stage and covered in post-its.

While the next two are not completely right for the film, they are still incredibly funny and charming

Environment Development

Early environment development drawings.

Thursday, November 18, 2010

Load Lab

Thursday, November 11, 2010

Preliminary Character Design

These were preliminary drawings that David Rene made before pitching the project.

Story Beats

Story Synopsis

A man covered from head to toe in post-it notes is presented with two new tasks by his boss. The only space on the man’s body not covered by post-its is over his eyes. He is forced to blind himself before heading out into the streets. Blinded he stumbles out in front of a large street sweeper and is swept out along the garbage.
He wakes up in a junkyard, in the desert where birds have been picking at his post-its. In trying to recover them, he sees that he is far outside the city he lived in.A new task appears to him, to get across the desert and back home, but in his way is a wall of thorny bushes, a river, and the harsh desert wind, all of them eager to steal his post-it. When he reaches the gates of the city he is left with only one post-its, the one urging him to get back home. He sees that his journey has changed him and that in order to live he can no longer be in the city. He decides to give up his former life and return to the desert.